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Dr. Jim demonstrates how useless a horse is when it is in rebellion... like most of us. Unless we are willing to submit to GOD as our MASTER we are useless to the Kingdom... here an untrained horse named Shadow is running away refusing to submit.


Shadow continues to rebell against all authority and refuses to surrender his will to Dr. Jim... Dr. Jim continues to apply pressure and remind Shadow of his presence as GOD does us.

Dr. Jim stands as Shadow turns and runs up to him... and submits to him as his master... he is saying I have had enough lead me and teach me.

Shadow demonstrates his willingness to submit by following Dr. Jim everywhere he leads.

Dr. Jim now has to test Shadow's true willingness to submit... a very tense moment as we all hold our breath.

Shadow has shown that his submission is real and the teaching process can now begin.

Dr. Jim then brings this champian cutting horse into the round pen and instructs on how "Miss Leah" responds to his commands and how her knowing them makes it easy for them to accomplish great things... just as we need to be attentive to GOD's will for us and learn to be receptive to HIS voice. It is such a powerful visual to see what learning your MASTER's voice and understanding HIS commands can accomplish.

At the conclusion of the demonstration the men are in awe of what GOD has revealed to them through the submission of this majestic animal. They join Dr. Jim in prayer that what they just witnessed would humble them and change their lives forever.

Submission to Master One day Retreats

We are now starting a series of retreats every Saturday. They are available to individuals or groups. The retreats will be limited to a maximum of 35 people and will be filled on a first come basis. Special arranges for larger groups must be made thirty days in advance. The day will start out at 7:30 in the morning with a "cowboy breakfast" and then move to our meeting facility for about 30 minutes of praise music. Then Dr. Jim explains the Scriptural basis of submission and discusses the events in American history that have altered our posture of a nation of men and women of GOD to a nation of worldly minded individuals. It is a call to return to the faith of our fathers. We then break for lunch and fellowship together while we eat. After lunch we regroup at the round pen and an untrained horse is used to demonstrate rebellion and disobedience. Dr. Jim uses his knowledge of horses to apply pressure on this majestic creature as it continues to rebel. Once what is called "join up" occurs the horse is saddled at which time, most often, an explosion occurs... this is explained as us when we first decide to turn to GOD but then find out there are rules to live by. Once again after some rebellious "showing off" the horse will again "join up" and submit and then it's hold your breath and get on time. It is explained that what you are seeing is a willingness to submit... but that there is still confusion and lack of trust... just like us when we are baby Christians. Then we bring in "Miss Leah," Catherine's champion cutting horse. We then demonstrate what years of seeking your masters voice and willingness to submit can produce. Leah absolutely overwhelms as she explodes into this magnificent servant willing to do all that is asked. Those attending watch in awe as she anticipates her master's desires and responds almost before she is asked. She KNOWS her master's heart, and wants to please. It demonstrates how when we finally understand HIS heart... what a difference our lives become. This demonstration is such a powerful visual of our rebellion and how much can be accomplished once we chose to "Submit to Master!" We then go back into the meeting room and have small group discussions of what we saw and how we saw ourselves in the demonstration and then we openly discuss it as a group. We then close in prayer and go home. We sometimes include trail rides after the discussions are done as part of the package depending on the group size and skill of those attending.

For scheduling information and cost of retreats call 210 723 8161


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