"Winding River Ranch" is the place I first met Dave McCombs a man I hold dear as a friend, a mentor and a Pastor... Dave McCombs is a unique individual... he's a cowboy at heart and comes by that naturally, his granddad, Dallas McCombs, "The meanest little man in Texas," was a Texas Ranger.

Dave lives in a county up in Northwest Texas... Colorado, Parker, Colorado to be exact. His horses and his dogs are a special part of his life. But they don't hold a candle to his life's mate and wife Judy, the kids or the grandchildren.

Dave has served the LORD most of his life. He began with Campus Crusade for CHRIST in 1974. And with Dr. Bright's blessing several years ago left Campus to deliver a message that he has developed and fine tuned for more than 15 years through diligent research, field tests and a whole lot of prayer.

The message is as unique as it's deliverer... focusing on masculine authenticity as evidenced in the Scriptures. He is a speaker, writer, and a motivator... but most of all he is a mighty man of GOD and I am blest to count him my friend. Dave is a man you can trust to tell you what you need to hear... and it will always line up with the Word of GOD. The message GOD has given him is for "a time such as this!"

I encourage you to allow Man's Authentic Nature to be apart of your life as I did mine... I assure you, you will never be the same.

Serving HIM with you,

Jim VonSchounmacher, Ph.D.

Founding Director

MorningStar Ranch Ministries

Dave and Dr. Jim, September 24, 2002

What are others saying about this Ministry?

"Inside and outside the church it is obvious that there is a growing desire for men to understand their masculinity. This. Ministry effectively meets that desire."

Randy Phillips
President of Promise Keepers

"What this Ministry is saying is unique. I've never heard of anyone interpreting the Scriptures with male perspective. Men need to hear what he's saying."

Senator Bill Armstrong

"My husband Jim has grown immeasurably through his association with David McCombs and M.A.N. Ministries. David's vision and his faithful adherence to GOD's calling on his life has been a blessing as well as an awesome example. I applaud this program and recommend it to every man who desires to learn more about being the Biblical man GOD ordained him to be. As a wife and mother I thank GOD for you David. Jim is a better husband, father and pastor than ever before."

Catherine VonSchounmacher
MorningStar Ranch Ministries

"There is nothing like this out there. What you have is extraordinary and men need it. I believe we would be interested in publishing a book on your conference content."

Roger Shales
Regional Manager
Tyndale Publishers

"In 40 years of ministry, I think this is the best men's retreat I've experienced. I have never seen a group of men respond so powerfully."

Houston, Texas

"Dave, what you are teaching is the most needed teaching in America today. I have seen it change your life, the lives of our staff men, and the lives of the men in your pilot groups. Although women are among the early beneficiaries, I believe that as this movement grows, it will change our society."

Judy McCombs
Wife of M.A.N. National Director

"Most Christian men freely, but sadly, admit that they are living defeated, frustrated and spiritually fruitless lives. These men are not happy with their present state. I believe the truths emphasized in this ministry, interpreted with a unique masculine perspective, will influence the lives of millions of men around the world for CHRIST."

Dr. Bill Bright
Founder and President
Campus Crusade for CHRIST

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