Thanks MOM!
  If it were not for the incredible courage demonstrated by my Mom, 42 years ago, I wouldn't be in this picture with my three favorite girls.

My name is Aaron and on my left is my beautiful Mom, *Catherine VonSchounmacher.

On my right is my precious wife Brandi and hanging on in the middle is my little sister, Hope.

THANKS MOM for not having an abortion when you were 15 years old as so many people said you should. Thank you for the gift of life! And a special thank you to Peggy Long and the Jefferson County School District in Arvada, Colorado for their Teen Mother Program that helped prepare Mom to be the wonderful mother she is today.

This is us in 2002... thanks for making it all possible Mom... thanks for choosing life.


Here is another chapter in this story... Aaron Tyer, my son, and Avery my daughter

and I assure you that they will know all about their Grandma's exceptional courage

and how we are all here because of her!

And here is latest chapter in this story... it's me, Mom and Hope... July 2016

Thanks again Mom!


*Catherine VonSchounmacher is an incredible woman and the co-founder of MorningStar Ranch Ministries.

We are all very proud to serve HIM with her.


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