MorningStar Ranch Ministries

With the able assistance of Leslie White of White's Equestrian Center, Leslie and/or Dr. Jim teach lessons every week to at risk kids and inner city boys and girls as well as children and young adults from our ministry. Leslie is on our Board of Directors and is a blessing to this ministry..

To see these young people open up and gain confidence through these majestic creatures is an awesome thing to behold!

Watching these children of GOD growing in confidence and seeing the joy these majestic horses bring them is such a blessing.

We are always ready for a ride on the trails... and as our students graduate from beginners they join us!

These little guys are a father and son team and are really something to watch... here they are giving some happy youngsters a ride around the grounds at Castle Hill Elementary School as part of a Birthday celebration. These two mighty steeds and the cart belong to White's Equestrian Center one of our ministry partners and are available for "Pony Parties." For more info contact White's Equestrian Center @

Abraham pulls this little one seater cart like it isn't even there... these little miniature horses really get the young peoples attention.
Prince, our Welsh pony is a favorite with the little ones... they hang off the round pen praying to be NEXT!

Many of the events and activities at the ranch either start or end with food... it's a great time to fellowship with all the volunteers who make what we do possible. This particular gathering is a group of young people from Harvest Time Fellowhip Church of GOD in CHRIST in San Antonio.

Dr. Jim is shown here praying at the conclusion of he and Miss Leah, (the horse he is riding) demonstrating the "Biblical Principles" of Submission to MASTER! These men are from Fortress Church in San Antonio and this was part of their men's retreat at Lazy Hills Dude Ranch. Dr. Jim is often asked to demonstrate his teaching on "Submission to MASTER" using his knowledge of horses to gently turn a rebellious steed into a submissive servant. You would have to see this demonstation to fully appreciate why these men are so humbled... GOD is using this presentation to really open the eyes and hearts of all who witness it.

MorningStar Ranch Ministries has conducted "Faith based" substance abuse classes for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Parole Board at the District Recourse Center in San Antonio for more than 3 years... here Dr. Jim is doing a special song for Christmas...

During the Christmas season of 2001, with the support of HEB and our volunteers, we fed nearly 160 people at the District Recourse Center during our special Christmas dinner. Catherine and Irene Deleon are surveying the food.

MSRM was presented an award on December 14, 2001 from the State of Texas for their efforts to help change lives and keep parolees out of prison... over the last three years there has been a 6% decrease in the number of people returning to prison from these groups... Praise GOD!