Hi, I'm David Duncan.

I was recently released from a Texas penitentiary after serving forty months of an eight-year sentence for involuntary manslaughter stemming from an auto accident in Amarillo, Texas in 1992.

I was blessed to have been raised in a home with two Christian parents who loved the Lord. I was active in our Presbyterian Church, president of the high school Young Life club in Kansas City, and active in Campus Crusade for Christ at the University of Texas. I knew I needed a savior, and thought I was a part of God's kingdom. I was able to achieve all the goals I set for myself; completing medical school, serving six years in the Army Medical Corps, and going on to practice my specialty of radiology in Ft Worth, Texas.

While in medical school I was married, and by the time I left the Army we had three wonderful sons. (Here I am with Matthew, son #3). I had my feet firmly planted in two worlds. As the years passed and I gained all those things I always wanted, I found my spiritual life was becoming less and less important. Money, material possessions, notoriety and surrounding myself with persons who fed my ever-enlarging ego finally became my entire life. Then Oct. 8, 1980 a car struck me on Stemmons fwy in Dallas, Texas. I spent one month in a coma in a Dallas hospital. When I awoke and subsequently returned to my practice, I began pursuing every selfish fantasy I had. Driven by every false hope I conjure up I plunge headlong into darkness. I was able to maintain a successful medical practice until 1992.

When driving home one night after drinking an excessive amount of alcohol, I struck and killed a woman who stepped in front of my BMW. My medical practice began a slow downward spiral, and in March 1996 I surrendered to the siren call of alcohol, quit my practice and settled down in the barrio of Del Rio Texas waiting for my one remaining friend to end the hell I had created for myself.

Then, on the morning of 28 July 1996, as I sat with a bottle of beer in my hand I bowed my head and prayed simply, "God help me." I had come to the end of myself. I did not know it at the time, but what I had really prayed was "God I give up completely I want to know you not only as my Savior, but also as my Lord." Two hours later I received a phone call from the man whom monitored me for the State Board of Medical Examiners, saying he had been trying to find me for four months. He said that if I would agree to it, he would find a place for me to go for treatment. The next day I was on a bus to San Antonio with $400.00 in my pocket and everything I owned in a suitcase. After a month of treatment I went to live in a halfway house in San Antonio. I surrendered my medical license and began trying to rebuild a new life. I joined a Lutheran church and became very active. I spent time daily reading my Bible, praying and starting to develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. On 1 March 1997 I went on trial for the auto accident, and was convicted and sentenced to eight years in the penitentiary.

Isolated from virtually all outside contact, and having no other friend to turn to; I found that my Lord was sufficient to meet my every need. In the words of Alexander Solshynetsyn I can now truly say, "Bless you prison for having been in my life, for that is where God became real." While incarcerated in Dallas, I met a young street hood named Kevin Oakley who told me a most remarkable story. Unable to read or write, a man he met in the Dallas County jail led him to the Lord. In answer to prayer, Kevin was given the ability to read and began studying the Bible under the direction of Dr. Jim VonSchounmacher. I was astounded at his depth of knowledge and his deep relationship with the Lord. I asked who had been his mentor and he gave me Jim's name. I began writing Jim in San Antonio, knowing I would return there when I was released. For two years we corresponded, and following one month in a halfway house after being released 6 July 2000, I finally met Jim and Catherine VonSchounmacher face to face.

Since that time they have become my helpers, my encouragers, and my best friends. They have helped me in every possible way to get re-established in the free world. Not only helping me to grow spiritually, but also helping me with all the mundane, difficult challenges that faces anyone just out of prison. Because of their loving friendship, God is blessing my life with new blessings every day. The skies have never been bluer, the birds never sung sweeter, and never looked brighter than it does today. Today I have a warm, intimate, personal relationship with the God who created and maintains this universe… Jesus Christ. MorningStar Ranch Ministries is a continuing blessing in my life, and by the grace of God and with the help of Jim and Catherine I hope God will use me help other men and women in and out of prison to know my precious Lord the same way I do.

Yours in CHRIST,

J. David Duncan, M.D.

Here I am at last in San Antonio with my Pastor, Dr. Jim and his wife Catherine.

This is Kevin Oakley and Dr. Jim VonSchounmacher, two men that have shown me that it is possible to walk as a man of GOD... everyday. And we thank GOD everyday we wake up in a room we have the key to!