Growing up behind the walls!

My name is Kevin Oakley... I am home now but 17 of my 33 years of life have been behind the walls. Thanks to the dedication of my Pastor and MorningStar Ranch Ministries I now know what it means to be a man of GOD, my life is finally on track. In this picture I'm receiving my GED... GOD has done a wonderous work in me because I could not read or write until I was 30 years old... is GOD good or what? THANK YOU JESUS!

Setting the Captives Free!

My Pastor, Dr. Jim joins me and a few others outside the "Walls" in Huntsville, Texas the day I was released. We came together to thank GOD for our freedom and the new beginning HE has placed in our lives.

Caring enough to be there!

Pamela wrote to me and visited as often as she could for three and a half years waiting for this day... and she was determined to be in Huntsville for my release. And be there she was... answer to prayer.

Talk about New Beginnings!

Pamela and I said "I DO" before Pastor Jim and a whole bunch of friends and family in Graytown, Texas on the 16th of September... less than a month after coming home! And this is just the beginning of the story! Thank GOD for HIS mercies which are new every morning!


And the story just keeps getting better!

Here is Kevin, the proud father and his beautiful daughter,

Jenna Faith Oakley

Born to Pamela and Kevin, April 10th at 12:19 P.M.

Mother and daughter are doing fine!


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