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"Feeding Time"


Jim VonSchounmacher, Ph.D.


As I look across the pasture

The sun is settling down

Painting the sky with color

Where the heavens touch the ground.


The horses see me standing there

And run up without restrain

Thinking I might feed them

Sweet oats, perhaps some grain.


I watch them come with majesty

With power and with grace

I am humbled by their gentleness

As their dust blows by my face.


And then the cats come running

Meowing with each stride,

Jeremiah and Banjo start barking

Is there no place I can hide?


It's feeding time here at the ranch

And once again I see

How GOD, through HIS creations,

Reveals HIMSELF to me.


HE speaks to me through them each day

As HE looks down from above,

Their faith in me is unwavering

And fills my heart with love.


But it's YOUR heart LORD that should be filled

As I turn to YOU each day,

Returning love YOU share with me

As with gratitude I pray.


LORD, thank YOU for YOUR "Mercy"

As YOU watch us from afar,

Thank YOU for the "Gift of Grace"

YOUR precious "MorningStar."




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